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3 Reasons Divers Must Experience Diving on Roatan

Posted on February 2, 2013 by Christine Larose in Diving on Roatan

Roatan is a spectacular island with nearly an endless number of opportunities to experience in addition to being an ideal escape from the hectic pace of everyday life, but its main attraction is diving. Roatan is truly a diver’s paradise – and it’s been this way for decades, before roads were built and when the only mode of transportation was via boat. While the island has evolved, diving is still the heart of Roatan.

Everywhere you look you’ll see diving equipment and people telling stories and sharing pictures about their last dive as well as studying for diving tests, practicing in the water or walking through West End village barefoot carrying their diving equipment. You can’t go far without seeing something related to diving – it’s all around you.

People of all ages come from all corners of the globe to experience diving here, often staying for seven days and diving three times each day. Spotting the many European and American visitors from the English to French, Italian and German is easy. How can you tell? It’s their pale skin!

Here is a look at just three of the reasons you’ve got to experience diving on Roatan for yourself!

The incredible dive sites

Underwater is where Roatan really comes to life! With over 170 dive sites on Roatan, every kind of diving opportunity you can dream of is found here. Just a few include exploring wrecks, deep walls and caves, magnificent canyons, brilliant shallow coral gardens, and even night diving.

Roatan’s entire coastline is surrounded by healthy and vibrant coral reefs with the southern tip part of the second largest barrier reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef; home to 90% of all Caribbean reef species! In only a couple of minutes divers can swim out to enjoy incredibly clear waters that are home to a host of marine life.

In West End Village alone you’ll find around 60 different dive sites all within a ten minute boat ride. There are so many wonderful places to experience, the odds are you’ll be planning a return trip before you even leave the island.

The underwater life and view

With so many dive sites, you’ll have the opportunity to see a similar range of diverse marine life and fascinating wrecks as well as some made famous by Roatan’s deep crack formed by volcanic activity, extending as deep as 95 feet.

With the low diving traffic, the reefs are especially pristine. Can you imagine swimming with stingrays, turtles and eels among these translucent waters? You might also spot sharks, groupers, jacks, barracudas, permits as well as schools of Atlantic spade fish, Bermuda chub and dog snappers. Eagle rays, nurse sharks, flounders in the sand and schools of blue tangs are just some of the marine life living in the waters of Roatan.

One of the many famous sites off Roatan’s shores is the intentionally sunk wreck from 1985 – Prince Albert is a 165-foot freighter home to pipefishes and seahorses.

The people

If you want to mingle with divers who are living their dream every day, Roatan is the place to do just that. The restaurant owner who serves your breakfast or the store owner who sold you the water you purchased are in all likelihood, divers. The talented girl you heard singing at the local bar last night? She’s a dive master, and so was her drummer! Most of the life stories on Roatan began with diving.

Now, don’t you agree that diving on Roatan must be on the top of any diver’s must-destination list?



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