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3 Reasons More and More People Are Choosing Roatan

Posted on October 17, 2014 by Christine Larose in Roatan Travel tips

If you’ve yet to explore the spectacular island of Roatan, why not?

More and more people are choosing Roatan, not only for an idyllic tropical vacation, but to live out their retirement dream. Islands Magazine even named Roatan the number one island in the world to retire to in 2011, so it’s really not surprising that increasingly more people are discovering what makes it so special.

As a resident who made the move some time ago, I truly enjoy sharing my love of the island and what I’ve learned about living here along the way. I really feel that it would be a shame for you to miss out on this amazing place!
So, what makes this place so wonderful you ask? Here are just three of the reasons more people are choosing Roatan.

Largely undeveloped, yet boredom is rare

If you’re looking for tranquility and relaxation, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend your days twiddling your thumbs, choose Roatan. As Islands Magazine notes, “Away from Roatan’s busy West End, the Honduran island is largely undeveloped. There’s a close-knit American expat population and a handful of weekly direct flights to five U.S. cities. A local residence told the publication, “Retirees don’t have time to rot in front of the TV. Volunteering bonds the community.”

Of course, it’s also easy to get here from Canada with direct flights from Montreal and Toronto – one of the reasons I was so lucky to have landed here myself! You’ll see lots of Canadian tourists and residents – though you’ll likely run into people from all corners of the globe.

An Islands editor, visiting Roatan and discovering its charms along the way, spent much of his time in awe of the beaches, writing, “No toe prints in the most beautiful sand nobody’s seen.” An American expat named Eric explained, “We come here at least once a week. Swim. Sail. Kayak. It’s all to ourselves.”
When asked what he does the other six days of the week, Eric replied, “Roatan’s an exciting place. People who retire here don’t veg out in front of the TV. Boredom is the enemy.”
Okay, admittedly, we do watch television, but we’ve got lots of other choices too.

So many things to do – on land and in the water

Even if you don’t want to spend all of your days snorkeling, diving, swimming, sailing or kayaking in these crystal clear, warm, azure waters filled with an abundance of marine life, you’ll find practically an endless number of other things to do.

As I wrote last year, there are enough activities available to fill your days and nights with plenty of fun and excitement.

You can enjoy playing a game of golf surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery on earth, take a heart-pounding Zip Line adventure, ride a horse at the edge of the water on a deserted beach and through the lush jungle trails, explore beautiful parks filled with waterfalls, exotic birds and even monkeys, or just sit back, relax and feel the gentle island breeze on your skin as you gaze out at the dazzling Caribbean sea.

Some of the best diving in the world

Of course, many people choose Roatan so that they can spend time exploring our breathtaking underwater world – it’s really something that no visitor to the island should miss. SportDiver named it a top diving destination, calling Roatan’s operators among the “best in the biz,” noting that the island has “easy offerings to suit every kind of diver,” and it’s just a short flight from the U.S. heartland.

National Geographic sang Roatan’s praises as well, referring to it as a “divers’ dream destination” with a shallow-water, reef eco-system that’s teeming with tropical marine life while being easily accessible to novice divers and snorkelers.

As someone fairly new to diving, I can attest to the wonders of these waters and highly recommend that you discover what it’s all about. You’ll find people of all ages and from all corners of the globe exploring the over 170 dive sites on Roatan, including wrecks, deep walls and caves, brilliant shallow coral gardens, spectacular canyons, and much more. You can even enjoy the incredible experience of night diving!

The entire Roatan coastline is surrounded by healthy, vibrant coral reef and is home to 90% if all Caribbean reef species!

Of course, these are just three of the reasons to choose Roatan – there are many others, like the incredibly friendly people and the opportunity to enjoy the best that life has to offer. But the best way to discover the long list of other reasons is by making the journey here yourself to see what it’s all about. Who knows, you might end like me and decide to move here!

If you’d like to learn more, I’d love to help you take the next step to discovering what I believe is one of the very best places on earth!


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