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5 Most Common Questions from Travelers Planning to Visit Roatan

Posted on July 5, 2013 by Christine Larose in Roatan Travel tips

Sitting at my usual table at “Cafe Escondido” in West End, I’m answering questions online from potentials renters and realize that most travelers planning to visit our beautiful Island of Roatan share the same questions or concerns.

So I thought, in no particular order or organized way, I would share with you the first 5 most common Questions & Answers. Hopefully you will find them useful!

Should we stack up on wine at the Duty Free Shop before flying to Roatan?

Santa Carolina white wine RoatanUnless you drink nothing but Chateau Margaux’s French type of wine on a regular basis, there is no need for you to buy wine before you get here and for all that extra weight in your suitcase. Surprisingly, we have a good selections at Eldon’s grocery store in Coxen Hole (availability, quantity and brand may vary), or at the Bulk Gourmet’s store in French Harbour or at Java Vine’s Café & Bar at the West Bay Mall. Being a wine lover myself, I did have to give up on a few of my favorites when moving to Roatan, but now I am drinking good and easy red & white wine for about $5 to $12 a bottle (Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Shiraz, Malbec, etc). Cheers!


Do you include Beach Towels in your rentals?

Beach towels on Roatan IslandYes we do! Keep that extra space in your suitcase for more bikinis and sunscreen.

Will we have Internet access in our vacation rental?

wifi on roatanYes you will. The type of connection and charges may vary from one vacation rental to the other but at all times our rentals have the internet service available. Some will have wireless already setup with only a password to enter (or not), or some will provide an Internet USB stick for your computer that you will have to charge either per day, per week or for the month at a local Tigo & Claro service provider (at Captain Van’s in West Bay for example). In both cases the average cost is $25 per week.

Is it true that we have to apply bug spray against sand flies?

Bug spray on RoatanYes it is true. We recommend the usage of insect repellent when you go to the beach to protect yourself from the sand flies. Some travelers will not get affected by them at all, but some will. Better be safe than sorry! (My favorite brand: Watkins)

Do we need to rent a car?

Car Rental on RoatanUnless you are the type of traveler that wants to discover every inch of the Island during your stay, every day, you will not need a car full time, or at all (depends on you). You will have access to car rentals (driver’s license/credit card required), scooter rentals, taxis, water taxis and private tour guides and chauffeurs. These guys offer great services and will take you wherever you need plus, you will learn a lot from them about the Island without having to worry about getting lost or having to keep your eyes on the road at all times. You might want to plan ahead for a car or scooter rental. We will refer you to the right place.

That’s it for today dear travelers-renters, but stay tuned for a lot more Q/A’s by following our blog & our FB page !

You’re planning a vacation to Roatan and have unanswered questions? Share them with us right here and we will gladly answer them!

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