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5 Things Lady Travelers Should NOT Bring on Vacation to Roatan

Posted on March 14, 2013 by Christine Larose in Roatan Travel tips

If you’re a fashion forward woman who has a closet bigger than most bedrooms, filled to the brim with gorgeous high heels and glittery evening dresses, you may be staring at your wardrobe as you contemplate squeezing in as much as you can for your trip to Roatan. If this sounds like you, I’d like to offer a little advice from a local’s perspective on what NOT to bring in order to have an ideal holiday on this tropical island paradise.

High heels

On the way to West Bay Beach just the other day, I noticed a woman who was teetering down the street in her heels, looking excruciatingly miserable and out of place. I wondered if she’d make it much farther – and that’s when I had the idea that it might be a helpful to share with future lady travelers what not to bring!

Wearing high heels on the sand or unpaved roads that are found throughout the island can quickly lead to a twisted ankle or worse – not exactly an ideal souvenir and it will quickly put an end to all those fun plans.

While heels may be chic in New York City, in Roatan they aren’t considered a fashionable accessory; in fact, you’re likely to be remembered by the locals as “that girl with the 4-inch heel” in much the same way locals in the big city would look at you if you were sporting bright yellow crocs. Instead, bring a pair of highly fashionable flip-flops!

Sparkling jewels

Leave those brilliant diamonds, shiny gold and silver baubles at home. Did you know those sparkling jewels have been known to attract barracudas? I don’t think that’s the type of marine life you were hoping to get close to. Even if you don’t plan on taking a dip, the salt is not only in the water, it’s in the air and known to cause corrosion so you may be risking damage to those pricey items anyway.

Flashing expensive adornments that project affluence is almost always discouraged no matter where you travel, and Roatan is no exception. I truly believe that you’ll have a much richer experience by immersing yourself in the culture found here; laid back with the emphasis on the best things in life money can’t buy. Instead, bring cheap brightly colored jewelry that blends with the brilliant hues of the tropics.


Your holiday on Roatan should be all about fun. Do you really want to spend time putting on makeup that is likely to disappear in the heat of the sun or as soon as you dive onto the water? I gave up on that quite some time ago, and you’ll find that few wear much in the way of cosmetics here. A willingness to leave it behind can bring about a new sense of freedom and lighten your load a little too.  Instead of that cosmetic bag, bring a care-free attitude that will bring out your true beauty, trust me.

Curling iron and other hair styling tools

Roatan is all about natural. It’s time to let your hair loose and forget about it! No amount of styling products, straightening or curling irons will create a hairstyle that will last for more than a few minutes in the wind, humidity and the salty air of our Island!

Fancy evening dress

Keep those evening gowns and cocktail dresses in your closet and instead bring light, summer cotton and linen clothes. Dressing to the nines should be saved for other occasions and destinations; here there is no reason to impress with anything other than a smile!

Still thinking about bringing those fancy duds and heels? If the answer is “yes,” I really think you might want to reconsider your vacation destination!


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