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Roatan: Laid-back vibe and spectacular ocean views

Posted on November 11, 2016 by Christine Larose in Testimonials

Property: Luz Dulce


In our property owners words…

Steven has been coming to Turtle Crossing since 2011. Following a volunteer trip to the Honduran mainland, he decided to visit Roatan. He loved the island right away: the laid-back vibe, the spectacular reef, and the friendly people! The house in Turtle Crossing in West Bay was perfect with its amazing panoramic sea view, and a breeze that cools the air and keeps the bugs away. I first joined Steve on the island in 2012, and also fell in love with Roatan… and Turtle Crossing!

Returning to Roatan 2 to 3 times a year

Ever since that moment in 2012, we’ve been coming to the island 2 to 3 times a year. We’ve snorkeled on every trip, and enjoy jumping off the Iron Shore shelf at the bottom of Turtle Crossing. Our favorite snorkeling spot is near Infinity Bay on West Bay Beach.

Every trip we look forward to the wonderful coffee and breakfasts at Cafe Escondido in the West End and checking out the art at Waves of Art and handcrafts at Evelyn’s. We also enjoy seeing the grocery selection at Eldon’s expand every year, so we can get some staples to go with the fresh fruit and excellent fish we buy from vendors that come right to our door in Turtle Crossing.

On rare occasions when the ocean’s rough, the pool is our favorite place for our daily swim. We leave Turtle Crossing after 2 or 3 weeks completely relaxed and refreshed, and smiling as we remember catching up with the friends we’ve made on the island—including Serge and Christine of Island Rose!

Nan & Steven Hoekman
(Michigan, US)


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