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Roatan Dining Guide

La Serena, RoatanThere is a great deal of choice when it comes to dining on Roatan – from traditional Honduran and Spanish cuisines, to the varied dishes of Italian, Thai, Sushi, Steak Grill, Indian restaurants. It’s an encounter with Caribbean cuisine, mixed with a touch of the international! There is something for every preference and every palate. Whether you choose a meal of fresh seafood or the catch of the day, grilled chicken, home-style tacos on the beach, a candlelight meal at a romantic spot by the sea or dinner in a floating restaurant beside a fishing village, the options are infinite on Roatan. Whatever your choice, be sure to leave room for dessert: yucca cake, coconut brownies, and key lime pie are but a few of the possibilities.

Most restaurants feature open air dining. You will find restaurants in the local style, right out in the open by the seaside, as well as dining Caribbean-style under a Palapa – an open-sided structure with a thatched roof with a view of the sea. There are also casual internet cafes and other fine establishments, each with its own charm and personality. All offer great food at affordable prices! If you are staying in the area of West Bay or West End, you can find all these restaurants within a few steps of one another – a few minutes away on foot, or by taxi, water-taxi, or scooter. Or discover the east side with magnificent mountain views while you enjoy a wonderful local meal!

Prices per person, per meal range from about $8 to $15 for breakfast, from $8 to $20 for lunch, and from $15 to $40 for supper. Of course prices will vary depending on your choice of restaurant, what you eat, how much you eat and drink! You have delicious homemade fresh Baleadas everywhere on the Island for about $2! All prices mentioned here are in American dollars, but you can also pay your bill using the local currency called the Lempira. No other currency is accepted on the island. A tax of 15% applies to meals and 18% on alcohol. Tips may be included on the bill, but if they are not you can add between 10% and %15% of the total.

In each of our properties, we provide a full list of our favorite restaurants per area, with phone numbers and websites, so you can plan from the comfort of your own home!

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