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Spending Christmas on Roatan

Posted on December 22, 2012 by Christine Larose in Thought of the day on Roatan

As I welcome new travelers this week in their vacation home for the holidays here on Roatan, I realize that some of them wanted to get away from it all this year. They say it’s either to get away from the cold, the snow, the Christmas shopping madness, the hectic and intense schedules, the food preparations or from the in-laws… but bottom line, some of them are just skipping it this year. Do you feel that way?

For myself,  I can certainly remember feeling like that sometimes; the rushing of things and trying to make it on time.  But now that I am about to celebrate my second Christmas here on Roatan with my love Sergio and wonderful new friends, I can tell you this is the ONE holiday that I miss the most. Not for the gifts, for the food or decorations, but for my family and friends back home and the opportunity to get them all in one room with me and really enjoy them to the fullest.

So, even if you feel overwhelmed sometimes with Christmas being just around the corner, just remember why you are doing it in the first place and how much it is worth it. No matter where you are this Christmas, here on Roatan enjoying the sun and the turquoise waters, or somewhere cold with lots of snow, just be with them, love them and appreciate them as much as you can in the present moment. Forget about trying to make it perfect, just enjoy each other! The simple stuff! 

All the way from Roatan, I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

And also, a very special Merry Christmas to all of you back home: my parents Jacques & Michèle, to my big brother Enrike, to Patricia, to my wonderful family; The Larose, Magnan,Truchon, Filotas, Vigneault, Cossa and the Barsalou, and to my dear friends; Nathalie, Annie, Eric, Charles, Johanne et Stéphan. I love you all very much! Je vous aime la gang! 

Feliz Navidad familia y amigos!


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