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The Advantages of Visiting Roatan in the Off Season

Posted on May 6, 2013 by Christine Larose in Roatan Travel tips

Roatan is spectacular year round, and certainly no less so during the slower season. In fact, did you know there are a number of advantages to visiting during this time of year? As a local, I feel fortunate to be able to experience our amazing island summer, fall, winter and spring – and with the slow season just around the corner, I can also let you in on the reasons for visiting during this fabulous time.

The shoulder season and off season generally May through November, with the best rates and weather typically found at both ends of the season, through May to mid-June as well as the month of November.

Great time to save

The slow season means lower rates on vacation rentals as well as less expensive flights and even frequent food and drink specials as well as discounts on fun activities. This is the time of year when vacation rental owners and property managers are seeking to entice the budget-conscious with incredible deals and special packages.

For those on a budget, the substantial savings can mean the difference between being able to embark on a dream vacation and staying home. Don’t you think it’s worth checking out? You won’t regret it!

Depending on the rental you choose, you might save up to $200 a week by visiting Roatan in the off season. Airfare is often the cheapest to Honduras in May and November. I’ve found the best deals on flights anywhere between four and six weeks of a planned departure, although the off season can also be a great time to find that amazing last minute deal as well.

More vacation rental choices

With fewer visitors, you’ll also have more vacation rental choices including your pick of the best beach houses, condos, dive resorts and more. With some many idyllic places to stay, our team at Island Rose can help find the one that perfectly meets your needs.

Peace and tranquility

The off season means fewer tourists and a much better chance to get to know the locals as well as the opportunity for a more authentic experience. The lack of crowds will be evident everywhere you go from the airport, attractions, restaurants and more. Want to stroll along the beach without another soul in sight? This is the time to do just that.

Fantastic weather

May to September equals 7 days, non-stop of warmer Caribbean weather, beautiful blue skies, turquoise and quiet crystal waters. Simply perfect vacation weather! While October-November might be considered the “rainier” season, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience fantastic weather the majority of the time you’re here with those sunny skies and light warm ocean breezes you’ve been dreaming of.

While there may be some short periods of the season that it does rain all day, for the most part, you’ll find just intermittent showers – certainly not enough to prevent you from taking part in all that the island has to offer!

I truly love this time of year and believe you will too, but you must come see for yourself!


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