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Top 3 Favorite Restaurants – a Must-Try During Your Stay on Roatan

Posted on June 18, 2013 by Christine Larose in Roatan Dining Guide

Even if you plan to cook many of your own meals while vacationing on Roatan, I believe that part of the fun of traveling is experiencing a variety of local cuisine, making dining out at least a few times while you’re here a must! It will also give you the chance to mingle with the locals for a more authentic & fun experience.

But which eateries should you choose? It can be difficult to tell, even after reading the reviews on TripAdvisor and other similar sites. So, even if there are a lot of great places to eat on the Island, I’ve come up with my own top three favorite places, to give you a different outlook from someone who lives here.

Oasis Roatan Restaurant at West Bay

The Oasis Roatan receives raPhotos of Roatan Oasis, West Endve reviews from locals and travelers alike. Will and Lauren are the owners; Will arrived from England and has been in Roatan for ten years now. Lauren, on our spectacular island for eight years, hales from Edinburgh, Scotland. Both will make you feel right at home!

Lauren really knows how to take care of you – in seconds flat she will size you up, determining exactly what you like and make sure you have a wonderful time. She likes a good laugh!


Talk about different and delicious food “contemporary style!”   This is very different for Roatan. It is a breath of fresh air and new tastes! Not the typical baleadas or fried coconut shrimps, but dishes like bruschetta and eggplant, Indonesian beef curry as well as butternut squash, homemade pasta and feta pizza. Yum! Not to mention the nice ambiance music playing in the background and the pool table if ever you feel like playing a game after dinner while sipping your wine.

The Oasis, also called the “Flying Dog” (their big black dog jumped or fell, only the dog really knows, from their third level deck and only suffered a hip injury, how incredible is that!), has very quickly become the “expats” place and is now our favorite Friday night restaurant and hang out. This is one you’ll just have to pencil in on your itinerary! Learn more:

Cafe Escondido in West End Village


WebLogo Cafe EscondidoUsually by water taxi from West Bay, I go to Cafe Escondido probably twice a week, for breakfast, for lunch – or sometimes both! You’ll find the best coffee, including amazing lattes, and food along with fabulous, warm and welcoming service. It is cozy and very laid back. Perfect for a meal and to hang out with friends to play board games or to read a good book.The owners are a lovely couple; Brett, an American, and his Australian wife Verity, both always smiling. They epitomize the phrase “service with a smile!”

The food is simpcafe escondido in West End, Roatanly delicious, and reasonably priced! You’ve got to try their Spicy Chicken Cashew or Singapore Noodles – seriously, to die for! Or want to get busy on Sunday? Try their Sunday’s Sangria & Tapas!

Working on my computer from my favorite table while watching the hummingbirds, the ocean, and the divers going in and out of their boats while eating incredible, delicious food is what I call living the good life. If they’d let me, I would probably work there every day! I’m sure you would too!
Learn more:

La Sirena in Camp Bay – Roatan’s East Side

restaurante-la-sirenaUnder a small palapa above the water, here it is: La Sirena, a truly hidden gem.. Everything is served fresh and cooked on the spot – it just doesn’t get any fresher than this! Jimmy’s fabulous cuisine is considered one of the most authentic in the Caribbean; he knows how to prepare Lionfish Ceviche like no other on the Island. It’s a five-star menu in the middle of nowhere, but well worth the hour’s drive to the east end of the Island.


Jimmy traded his sophisticated life in Washington, DC for a slower pace here, which he loves to share with others who come for asylum – the reason La Sirena is sometimes called “The Asylum.”

I discovered this treasure when a group of local friends and I decided to rent a minivan and go visit the East Side, Tourist Style! That alone was worth our trip. It’s the kind of place that makes you realize you are in a different world – I just love it! Every time I am east, I make sure La Sirena is on my agenda! Learn more: La Sirena in Camp Bay

Bon appétit! ¡Buen provecho!
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