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Vacation Rentals Offer the Comforts of a Home Without the Hassle

Posted on April 16, 2014 by Christine Larose in Roatan Travel tips

When searching for your ideal place to stay on Roatan, you might think that renting a home would be a huge hassle, but the reality is that it’s just the opposite! Living in a vacation rental for a week or more allows you to enjoy all of the comforts you have at home – and often more, and it’s just as easy as reserving a hotel room or booking an all-inclusive.

Is renting a vacation home for you?

Some people assume that an all-inclusive is always the best way to go, but once they’ve experienced staying in a vacation rental property, they never go back! At an all-inclusive you’ve got to get dressed and go out in order to eat breakfast. If you’ve got kids with you, you’ve also got to get them out of bed, wait for them to decide what to wear, and maybe even endure a temper tantrum or two. Finally, you head out the door, walk or drive to the restaurant, only to stand in line for a table, wait for your server, and eventually pig out at the not-so-great buffet because you’re now starving!

Compare this to a vacation rental home, where you can wake up when you please, brew an amazing pot of Honduran coffee in your bathrobe and head out to your balcony or deck, relaxing in the sun and listening to the waves gently crash onto the shore. If you’re hungry, you can make breakfast in your own kitchen, and let the rest of the family sleep as late as they’d like.

If you’re staying somewhere for a week or more, it can be a huge pain to have to make a trip to a restaurant every time you’re hungry or want a drink. The convenience of having your own kitchen with everything you need at your fingertips makes for a much more relaxing, stress-free vacation.

Can you imagine grilling a meal on your own BBQ while enjoying a light ocean breeze or a spectacular sunset from the deck of your vacation home? The experience can’t even be compared to shuffling off to the same ol’ buffet with the same crowd, night after night.

“But what about the pool?!” you might ask. If the warm turquoise waters that surround Roatan aren’t enough, some vacation rental homes even feature their own swimming pools, which can be infinitely better than a hotel or resort pool as you don’t have to worry about bumping elbows with so many others. Just like all of our properties in Turtle Crossing, West Bay; they share a beautiful infinity pool, only steps away from their door! A great way to end a day after a full day at the beach!

At most hotels and resorts, you’re pretty much on your own when you get there. Have you ever visited a friend or relative in a faraway destination? Knowing someone who lives there, and who is willing to share their passion and knowledge about the place can make all the difference in the world. I truly enjoy sharing my favorites, including the best restaurants, beaches and other attractions so that visitors can experience the island in a way that many others don’t get the chance to.

Many travelers discover that if you want a relaxing place to settle down after a long day of sightseeing, diving, snorkeling or taking part in all of the outdoor activities Roatan has to offer, that having a refrigerator full of things you like to eat, enjoying coffee without getting dressed, having a home base that feels like home – and the feeling that you’re truly experiencing living in a different place, a vacation rental home on Roatan is the only way to go!


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